project summary

  • client: phil minns, berlin-based techno producer
  • core task[s]: music video & cover art production
  • production date[s]: august 1-august 7, 2019
  • software & languages used: TouchDesigner, Python, AfterEffects, Photoshop, Whorl


concept details

for this piece, the second in a 26-track series entitled "---b---", I designed four separate audioreactive compositions, each corresponding to a movement in the 6-minute ambient techno track phil produced. I tend to set hard limits as to what kinds of shapes and components used for a project to challenge myself creatively; for each non-functional harmony track animated thus far, I’ve limited the geometric components to grids and squares.

the first and third pieces use particle systems to create lazer and pixel effects, while the second uses noise to displace two grids treated with a wireframe texture. all four are programmed to respond to phil’s track in real time, and are unified by the minimalist berlin techno aesthetic both of us share.

for the cover art, I took a still frame from an early draft of the music video and surrounded it with vector graphics produced in Illustrator and Whorl.