project summary

  • core tasks: web design, string manipulation
  • production dates: september - november 2018
  • software & languages used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, AJAX, Photoshop, Inkscape

concept details :: first website

this was the original version of, and my first stab at web development. after learning the foundation of back-end programming through a series of Java courses, I decided to learn front-end programming independently and write a website from scratch.

with the main interface, I sought to fracture something unified and whole—the circle presented itself as an ideal target. more specifically, the menu design alludes to the work of stanislaw wilczynski, contemporary russian tattoo artist and founder of digimatism—itself a nod to suprematism, the geometric work of the first russian abstract painter, kazimir malevich. the remainder of the design imitated the appearance of computer circuitry.

the original concept was based more in language than the visual arts, and centered around the word scrambler, which warped user input in the style of avant-garde poetry. in the process of designing the website, however, the "lines" of the title took a more literal significance, as I pivoted more deeply into visual art.