project summary

  • core task[s]:kinetic typography, augmented reality, cube mapping
  • production date[s]: dec 2020
  • software & languages used: TouchDesigner, Python, Photoshop

concept details

below are some quick 2D sketches of a 3D exhibition in development, based on the infamous e.e. cummings' poem "sr-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r." a painter, cummings frequently incorporated visual components into his poetry; this piece extends his sensibility into a virtual platform, wherein lines from the poem are projected around the viewer along the six walls of a room. accompanied by infographics detailing technique, vocabulary, and history, the piece works to generate and explore new modes of literacy via kinetic text, as well as familiarize both students and laymen with the oft-abstruse and intimidating ways of modernist experimentation.

finished product to include significantly more variation in shape, texture, lighting, as well as interactivity, including custom textual input, variability, and hand-guided motion-tracking capabilities for the audience; the exhibit is also to be accompanied by a 3D AR simulation for remote interaction. currently, the text does not reproduce the complex spacing and line breaks of the original verse, but is fed "raw."

[["sr-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r," from No Thanks (1935)]]
[[sketch 1 - one plane per wall]]
[[ sketch 2 - multiple planes per wall]]
[[sketch 3 - potential projection]]